Can You Tough It Out if You Have Postpartum Depression?


Can You Tough It Out if You Have Postpartum Depression? – Many women with PPD and anxiety think they should be able to make it thru on their own. They should be strong enough to handle it. Katherine Stone, author of…


Sweet is the Melody
At the moment, I'm working on Tagged for Death, the next Ali Reynolds book due out next February, but starting the book was complicated by a case of what I call literary postpartum depression. It's been difficult to let go of the last Beaumont book … Read more on Seattle Post Intelligencer (blog)

Celebrity Apprentice Profile: Lisa Rinna
Rinna has written several books including “Starlit,” a revealing look at life on and off the red carpet; followed by “Rinnivation,” a candid account of her personal struggles with post-partum depression and her most recent book, “The Big, Fun, Sexy Sex … Read more on

Stars Open Up About Postpartum Depression
Vanessa Lachey welcomed a baby boy, Camden, with husband Nick Lachey last September, and now the TV personality admits that she dealt with postpartum depression after his birth. In a new blog entry on her website, Lachey said the pressure to be the … Read more on ABC News