Can Someone Help Me?!?

Question by Gabbie: Can someone help me?!?
Hey there. Names Gabby & I’m trying to find Rehab Center. But not for me for my older brother. You see I have an older brother he has an alcohol problem. He just can’t stop drinking & it’s just causing problems for me & my family and him also. My mother & I want to help him but we can’t afford any EXPENSIVE rehab centers. He really needs help NOW. i just want my brother to healthy & back to the way he was, well at least not being an alcoholic. I need someone to PLEASE give me any SUGGESTIONS TO THE CHEAPEST REHAB CENTER for alcoholics. I live in Sanford, Florida.Anything helps.

he says we don’t love him, we never help him, but when he doesn’t even want anything to do with us. he also admits he does have a problem and he doesn’t know how to stop drinking.

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Answer by Master Chris
First of all check out the center of his problem what’s his reason for drinking it. If your poor and have low income you can sigh up for Medicare where you can go to the doctor and ask why your brother is like that. There could be many possibilities of why he’s like that. There could be even a tumor pressing on his addiction area of his brain.

Answer by susan p
I know in new York the cheapest places are the ones run by the state or county. Start there. Goggle state rehabs then county rehab. SOmetimes the church will help out . If he is not covered under parents health plan then find out if he is entitled to Medicaid or state assistance. That might take some time but it could save his life. I lost my brother when he was 39 yes old. He was a drug addict and his health was failing cause of condition. Got him medicaid but then never wanted to go to doctors. I wish I could of done some stiff different but it’s too late but not too late to help someone else . Please don’t lose patience with him . Good luck and I hope all works out

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