Can I Still Be Admitted to Rehab Without My ID?

Question by : Can I still be admitted to rehab without my ID?
My ID and social security card my wallet was stolen and i am going to rehab tomorrow but i have no idenification!! i have my birth certificate and bills with my name on them can i still be admitted i really need to go i have a serious drinking problem. WHAT SHOULD I DO!? i called the rehab center and theey dont even know about what the heck is going on no one has an answer please help thanks.
ahahahahahahahahahahaha one gear go but seriously guys i need an answer

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Answer by aingeru Aroztegi
If you have tiger blood, you can be admitted to rehab whenever and wherever you want.

Answer by Donna
Do you have anything with a picture? That will help tremendously. Go tomorrow with everything you can find. If they give you trouble ask for a supervisor. They have the authority to make an exception to the policy for you. Be very very polite and friendly and someone will help you out.

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