Can I Pass a Urine Drug Test if I Took a Mild Hit 4 Days Ago?

Question by Chris A: Can I pass a urine drug test if i took a mild hit 4 days ago?
I don’t smoke weed often. I was stupid and I took a hit yesterday, for the first time in a year. Coincidently, later on I received a call for a job interview and want to give me a drug test (4 days later). I’m told to drink water and pickle juice and avoid those “detox” drinks online. Should i be worried? Should i avoid drinking alcohol? Is one hit enough to worry about this? What can i do?
Also, it’s a urine test and it’s for a temp agency

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Answer by ariesgirl
go 2 a health food store and buy this tea stuff and drink it 3 hours before ur urine test and it will be clean

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