Can I Join the Marines if I’ve Had a Labral Repair?

Question by Devin R.: can I join the marines if I’ve had a labral repair?
its been a bout eight months since my surgey, two since my final checkup. I’ve already had to back out because of another disqualifier, (A misdiagnosis that we couldnt get all that we documentation for since that doctors refused to meet with me.) only one doctor believed I had Bi Polar disorder but they wouldnt meet with me to talk about a re-eval and stuff. Anyways, I told my recruiter id wait till after college cause he kinda implied that we would leave things out of my meps paperwork and I would have to lie when the doctors asked me at meps. Its not that I think I have it or anything but I cant just hide shit, Its against my morals. What is the Marines view of having a Labral Repair? It’s an arthoscopic surgery/

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Answer by BoatsBM1
DD FORM 2807-2,

WARNING: The information you have given constitutes an official statement. Federal law provides severe penalties (up to 5 years confinement or a $ 10,000 fine or both), to anyone making a false statement. If you are selected for enlistment, commission, or entrance into a commissioning program based on a false statement, you can be tried by military courts-martial or meet an administrative board for discharge and could receive a less than honorable discharge that would affect your future.

2. Mark each item “YES” or “NO”. Every item marked “YES” must be fully explained in Item 2b.

(16) Seen a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, counselor or
other professional for any reason (inpatient or outpatient)
including counseling or treatment for school, adjustment, family, marriage or any other problem, to include depression, or treatment for alcohol, drug or substance abuse (6)(2)

(6) Send all documentation relating to ANY past or present evaluation, treatment or consultation with a psychiatrist, psychologist,
counselor or therapist, on an inpatient or out-patient basis for any reason, including but not limited to counseling or treatment for
adjustment or mood disorder, family or marriage problem, depression, treatment or rehabilitation for alcohol, drug or other substance abuse, directly from the treating clinician and/or hospital to the MEPS Chief Medical Officer. The envelope must bear the following statement: “CONFIDENTIAL: FOR EYES OF THE MEDICAL OFFICER ONLY.”

(2) in this case does not apply to you.


I certify the information on this form is true and complete to the best of my knowledge and belief, and no person has advised me to conceal or falsify any information about my physical and mental history.

I further understand that I may be requested to provide medical documentation regarding issues within my medical history.

I authorize any of the doctors, hospitals, clinics or insurance company(ies) to furnish the Department of Defense medical authority a complete transcript of my medical record for purposes of processing my application for military service.
“What is the Marines view of having a Labral Repair?”

You will need to submit copies of ANY and ALL medical records related to the condition/injury and all treatment, to a recruiter so that the may be sent to MEPS for a “medical prescreen”.

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