Can I Get the Address for a Meth Rehab Center in Santa Clarita?

Question by ???: Can i get the address for a meth rehab center in Santa Clarita?

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Answer by Glo
I think any drug rehabilitation center would be sufficient for treatment. Sorry, i do not have the address for you. Good luck on your search. go on line and do a search for drug rehabilitation centers in that area, this should bring all of them up God bless

Answer by dd
i dont have the name of a rehab center… but as a recovering meth user… therapy twice… let me give you a piece of advise.. be sure the center does cure meth… the center i went to try saying i was depressed therefore tried different meds… when i try to explain i was addicted to meth.. the psych.. dr… said oh what good friends you have… the staff treated me like a kid… it was awful… do your homework and hopefully you’ll get headed into the right direction….

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