Can I Get Into REHAB CLINIC * FREE* Through My Doctor Uk?

Question by wackyone: Can i get into REHAB CLINIC * FREE* through my doctor uk?
I have been addicted to co-codamol/ kapake, solpadol for nearly 10 years. It started off that i had acute tooyhache and no over counter pain killers would work. My friend gave me two solpodal 30/500mg which eased the pain considerably ubtil i could get a dental Appt. Trouble is i also noticed what agreat uplifting feeling they gave me especially as i suffered depression at the time. 10 years later i am taking approx 40 a day, 8 at a time beacause i have grown such tolerance to them. Yes my Psychiatrist has told me they will killme and i am 34 and probably might not see my 45th birthday, but i am so addicted i just cant stop, i have tried and managed 5 days cold turkey. Its only a matter of time before i accidentally O/D. Please dont think bad of me, i am very very scared. Iwant to live a normal life. I love Animals, children and i like to work hard, i am not a scrounger. Please help x

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If you have insurance the tuition will be covers for the most part depending on your insurance. In the states that’s how I. Works but in the uk you may be able to get. Referral from your doctor. You need to go to a rehab facility to get rid of your addiction you need to go on treatment. Life is precious and it all starts with you you need to go to the rehab rebutation center regardless of the financial part you can figure that out when your better

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