Can I Find a Drug Rehabilitation Center in Miami, Florida?

Question by kelly: Can I find a drug rehabilitation center in Miami, Florida?
My best friend Phoebe and I are planning to go to Miami. We’re not going there because of the beach. We’re going to Miami because she’s planning to enter an drug rehabilitation. I tried to convince her of getting help to overcome her problem with cocaine and she said she’ll do it if I come with her. We’re from Pasadena and she wants to receive treatment from some place far away from home. Her visit to the rehab will be our little secret. Please help us. We need your answers as soon as possible. Thanks.

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Answer by carrie
Miami is pretty far from Pasadena! Anyway, you can find a drug rehabilitation center almost anywhere. I’m sure you can find several of them in Miami. I’ll include some links to help you locate different rehabs in Florida. It’s good of you to come along with her. She really needs all the support she can get. Don’t give up on your friend. I think it wouldn’t hurt either if the two of you decide to have fun in Miami after her rehab stint. Good luck!

Answer by .:Nahira:.
I know people who have gotten clean and stayed clean with help from Faith Farm. Its in Ft. Lauderdale, not sure how close that is to Miami. God bless!

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