Can Drug and Alcohol Counseling Help With a Problem Drinker and Pot Smoker?

Question by Kels_Bells: Can drug and alcohol counseling help with a problem drinker and pot smoker?
I have a tendency to drink too much to thee point where I do not remember what I did or where I am and have come close to putting myself in danger on more than 1 occasion. My husband smokes marijuana and wants to stop. Will counseling together help us kick our bad habits?

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Answer by Barry
drug addiction counseling or alcoholism counseling typically is used for the alcoholic or drug addict. However, it may be the case that you are an alcoholic or an addict. That being said, I would suggest filling out one of those questionares online to determine if you or your husband is an alcoholic or addict.

I don’t see why it would hurt. Find out a little bit more info and fill out that pamphlet. Black outs and passing out are generally some of the symptoms of alcoholism. Good luck!

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