Can ANYONE, SOMEONE, Plz Help Me?! I’m So Scared!?

Question by Giggles-for-life: Can ANYONE, SOMEONE, Plz help me?! I’m so scared!?
Today i went to a therapy appointment with my mom and dad for some issues (my eating disorder being one of them) and the therapist suggested my parents call Western Psychiatric Hospital ASAP so that i could be evealuated. She wants me to do an inpatient/outpatient program for my “eating disorder” but i think that this is all toatally unnecesary. I mean, my weight is very low (5’4 87lbs) but i have always been thin and im also working towards eating better. I have also missed 7periods, which i know is really bad. In the past 5months, i have gained about 4lbs, which isn’t that much, but im eating a lot better. I eat 3 full meals and 2 snacks per day. I know i need to gain weight, and im scared, but i don’t think that i should go into an eating disorders clinic. A couple of doctors have told me to go, and every time i tell my parents i can do it, and i think this time they won’t believe me that i really do want to get better and do it on my own.They don’t think i can. What should i do?
By the way, im almost 17 years old, so don’t i have ANY rights or say in what happens? I mean, shouldn’t they consider my eating habits and not just my weight before placing me into a hospital? Any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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So at 17 you know more than your parents or the doctors huh? Do you want to grow up? Do you want to have children and live a normal life? If so then do what your parents and the doctors recommend and work your butt off to show them you can get better.Hardly anyone gets better on their own – almost every one needs help to get rid of an eating disorder.

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The Dragonfly Retreat for Eating Disorders – An Introdution to RET – – A New Approach for the Treatment of Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. New Hope for Recovery Witnessing your once vivacious, joyful, carefree and healthy daughter deteriorate into an emaciated shadow of her former self is one of the most heart-wrenching and terrifying experiences that any loving parent can endure. Living with a loved one afflicted with an eating disorder causes the whole family to feel guilty, hopeless, grief-stricken, helpless and frustrated. An even more excruciating reality exists for the young woman who has the eating disorder, who struggles through each moment as a slave to the parasite that has consumed her existence. Having been swallowed alive by her eating disorder, she is a prisoner, while at the same time she feels guilty and burdensome for not ‘just getting over it’ and ‘letting everyone move on with their lives.’ What is even more distressing is going through cycles of treatment that are often ineffective, time-consuming, energy-draining and expensive while watching your daughter’s health continue to worsen before your eyes. As a patient of these programs, you feel as if you have failed the system, instead of the other way around. The inpatient treatment experience often robs you of power and autonomy, it leaves you feeling embarrassed, diminished and devalued as a person—a replication of what the eating disorder does to you every day. The frightening reality is, eating disorders often cause irreversible


Alumna's life changed by anorexia

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“It becomes hard for a person with an eating disorder to discern that it is the disease talking and not them.” It took two major reality checks for Jones to understand she had a problem and accept going into the inpatient treatment at the Rosewood Ranch.
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