Can Anyone Explain the Law of Entropy for Me?

Question by Cleric Moe: Can anyone explain the law of Entropy for me?
and how the universe could have evaporated by now if it was eternal?
1- I’m not Indian.
2- I’m not trying to look like a smart***
3- I’m not an IT graduate.
4- Well, I didn’t skip my classes, I didn’t have them yet.
5- Don’t make BS assumptions.
6- Don’t paste a link to Wikipedia, already been there.

Best answer:

Answer by Sukha
OMG ok, You must have missed the thermo lectures. Typically this question is asked by some of the IIT graduates or some belonging to other lesser known indian universities who want to be a smart ass.. Typically the poser of the questions wants to impress others by knowing the word “Entropy”. I can try, but since your teacher could not teach you, there is liittle hope on what can be learned, and hope is a good word. So I found this excellent source of information that can be attained without any cost.

Answer by Lakashvin
In order to understand what the Second Law of Thermodynamics is, you must first understand what entropy is. Entropy, in simple terms, is the state of “disorder” in a system.

Now, the Law of Entropy states that systems naturally head toward “disorder.” In scientific terms, all kinds of energy spread out to areas where they are more dispersed if they are allowed to. A common example of the Law of Entropy is diffusion, which is the tendency of molecules to move from areas of high concentration to areas of low concentration.

Think about this. Our bodies require concentrations of molecules to be built up, and cannot function without these concentrations. Since the natural state of things is to head towards entropy, how can we prevent this? Simple: To keep “order,” one should add energy to the system. We humans do this by eating food, which provides us with free energy.

The state of entropy in the universe is canceled by the negentropy of the universe (the increase in order and decrease in entropy), which is why the universe has managed to keep a balance in terms of entropy.

I hope this clears up the concept for you!

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