Can a Person Who Has an Alcohol Allergy Tolerate One Type and Not Another?

Question by Zoe: Can a person who has an alcohol allergy tolerate one type and not another?
I know someone who began blacking out after drinking alcohol and the doctor suggested an “alcohol allergy” and said it could either be related to beer or liquor and to determine which one and to cease the problematic one. Now this person wants to drink wine. Isn’t alcohol still alcohol? i.e. If it’s an alcohol allergy caused by liquor, wouldn’t the alcohol in wine do the same thing?

Looking for advice from doctors and folks who have personal experience with alcohol allergies in particular. Thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by Daniel
there was a scene in the thirteenth warrior where antonio banderas as the muslim said he wasnt allowed to drink fermented grape or wheat drinks. and the viking laughed and said the drink was made from honey. so i think that maybe its a wheat allergy or something.

Answer by Ted
How much alcohol did this person have when he blacked out, and does anyone know what he did during this time? When it comes to alcohol, blacking out is not the same thing as losing consciousness. People who black out while drinking often do so because they have lost control while drinking. I don’t know but I suspect it’s at least partly because they don’t want to remember what they did. Also, the type of alcohol can be important. I know one guy who can drink beer all night and be just fine, but get hard liquor in him and suddenly you have a problem on your hands. Wine, not so much.

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