Can a Doctor Detect Bulimia From a Baseline Bloodtest for Lithium?

Question by anne.meradith: Can a doctor detect bulimia from a baseline bloodtest for Lithium?
My bff has bulimia, and while she has told her mum, and just started participating in a recovery program, they’ve decided not to tell her father. She plans to go live with her father during the winter months so she can see a special doctor where he lives, but is terrified he’ll find out about her bulimia. She also suffers from depression, which is why she wants to see this particular doctor, and plans to start on Lithium. We were wondering: if her dad saw the results for the baseline blood test required of her before-hand, would it also show that she has bulimia?

I know it’s a confusing question, but I don’t know much at all about blood tests or bulimia, and would really appreciate some help. What in your blood can show you have bulimia? Is it just an electrolyte imbalance, and is that solid proof that one is bulimic? Can a doctor analyze your blood and be like, “Aha! You have an Eating Disorder!”. I know this sounds stupid, but I’d really like to know.

Thanks for your help!

Best answer:

Answer by TDiddy
no, a blood test does not specifically show bulimia

Answer by Wilhemina
I’m not sure if a blood test could detect that. I know a Dentist usually can, most Bulimics wear off their teeth enamel from the acids in the stomach.

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