Bulimic Friend in Denial and… Other Problems?

Question by :): Bulimic friend in denial and… other problems?
**This might be kind of long, very detailed and some might find it gross, so you’re warned, no leaving stuff like “Ew! That’s gross!” or “Too much info.”

She says she doesn’t do it anymore, but I know she does and her parents because of something that just beyonds grosses me out. She would throw up in bottles, like Gatorade bottles, two liter soda bottle, etc. and save them. This got found out by her parents because she spent the night at my house and her room smelt like vomit and they searched for the smell and found I think, over tens fair sized bottle filled with vomit. She hid them all over her room. She told she stopped a month ago and that those are old. Her mom says they’re not because the vomit would’ve fermented and these didn’t. My friend claims they didn’t because they were preserved in bottles with caps on. I actually believed her that she stopped and that the bottles were a month old like she claimed. That was until… I found a coke can filled with vomit under my bed, on the side she sleeps on when she sleeps over. My dad said my room smelled bad and I didn’t notice it because I’m guessing I got used to the smell in her room and got used to it here. She’s been going to these therapy group things for people with eating disorders and she has herself convinced that she’s not doing it anymore. I know she’s lying because she just spent the night less than a week ago and that can wasn’t there before because just before she came over I was looking under my bed for a pair of shoes and I looked everywhere under it, including there. I just don’t know what to do. I know it’s a very serious problem and I’m pretty sure the first step to getting better is to admit you have a problem, which she constantly denies. I am so confused. Basically I need advice on how to deal with her and what to do about her throwing up and leaving it in my house in beverage containers. She comes over all the time and I don’t want to say no because her home isn’t exactly great. I want to help her, but talking about her problems hasn’t done a thing and or either anything else people I’ve talked to suggested.

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Answer by sahraleigh
My best friend suffered fom bulimia and unfortunatley there is not a lot you can do if she will not admit she has a problem. tell her you are worried about her and that she needs to get help, while a group is fine, going to the doctor is better as they can monitor her and if neccessary have her committed to an instituiton where they will force her to eat AND keep it down. offer to go with her, and while the thought of her being locked up might be scary, sometimes it is needed to save their life, and because they are scheduled they have no choice in leaving. if she enjoys staying at oyur house because of things at home, then be harsh with her and say that you will not accept that behaviour and she can not stay over if she is going to keep doing this to herself. be firm,she might hate you for it at first but eventually she will thank you for caring so much.

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