Bulimia 2: London Psychotherapist


Bulimia 2: London Psychotherapist – www.eatingdisorderself-cure.com Matthew Campling is a London based psychotherapist specialising in eating disorder recovery. Growing up he was first overweig…


Slimming pill DNP takes UK medical student's life – again!
The victim Sarah was a medical student from a family of doctors and she suffered from a certain amount of anxiety about her weight and was suffering from bulimia. Bulimia is an eating disorder in which victims often overeat followed by self-induced … Read more on India.Com Health

Lindsay Lohan's Rehab Center Lost Its License Because A Patient In Its Care
Morningside treated a 20-year-old man for bulimia and alcohol addiction, but the poor guy went into cardiac arrest while doing push-ups and passed away! It turns out the facility wasn't even supposed to be treating patients with eating disorders in the … Read more on PerezHilton.com

New guidelines offer hope for those with binge-eating disorder
It's the country's most prevalent eating disorder, shared by more than 8.5 million Americans: Binge-eating disorder affects more people than do bulimia and anorexia combined, yet experts say it has long been underdiagnosed as a mental health issue. Read more on Bradenton Herald