'Breaking Bad' Recap: Jesse's Got a Gun

'Breaking Bad' recap: Jesse's got a gun
Drug dealers really don't like the police, huh? Now we know that (at least for now) he is not going to make a deal with the DEA for information about Heisenberg. The camera flashes to Walt in his bathroom covering his bruise from Hank with Skyler's makeup. Read more on Daily Caller

Mike Tyson says he's 'on the verge of dying,' opens up about drug problems
some of the comments on this page are mean spirited .listen , no one is saying you have to like the guy but ,don't attack him for having a problem with addiction ,to drink or use drugs is a personal choice yes ,OK, I do understand that argument but … Read more on SI.com

Community Services for Aug. 25
Contact Karen Bradford at 256-442-4141 for more information. DEMENTIA SUPPORT GROUP, facilitated by SouthernCare Hospice, meets the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 3 p.m. at Gadsden Health & Rehab Center, 1945 Davis Drive, Gadsden, on 800 … Read more on Gadsden Times

Christian Drug Rehab Center Step 5
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