Brain Damage From Serious Fist Fight?

Question by : Brain damage from serious fist fight?
Brain damage from serious fist fight?
Hello, back when I was a young teenager me and my brother would get in serious dirty fights sometimes with family there but most when we nobody were looking. I really can’t say what motivated us but it’s really just one of those things that just happened.. But anyways I have encountered several issues with communication and lifestyle these abnormality (by social norm standards) are somewhat life impacting such as aspurgars syndrome as I was diagnosed with some time ago. I have a strong motivation towards bravery and heroism and the sword for those wants is science. That’s said simply. Something to add I live a place where education is failing and incompetent people around. I want no friends I am alone. I am one of those guys. ya know. The guy who is inside his room and never gets out or talks even to family. That guy. All that gets me thinking. I recall one fight in particular where Family was watching and my brother was throwing punches to my skull repeatedly, I was defending myself and fighting back but I everything started to turn black. I remember loosing control of my legs as if my body fell asleep and I fell to the ground. I remember wanting to get up so I wouldn’t seem a failure in the eyes of the spectators In fact I was really hating the idea of me on the ground and my brother standing above me. Of course however this is only what I though back then with my little 13 year old mind. but continuing: I believe that I lost consciousness momentarily for a few seconds, I honestly don’t know how long or if I even did loose consciousness but I just remember tunnel vision and laying on the ground wanting to get up before he walked away. It was some primal urge to be dominate that wanted me to stand up. If I did stand up I would have probably continued to fight until he was the one on the ground (reminder: this is coming from the little 13 year old me) .
I am now concerned if I may have had some brain damage. Relive me my life currently is haunted by remarks of my actions and what I think about. Just yesterday my mother and her boyfriend were talking about me as we sat on the table at a diner eating. She made a remark mentioning I have disorders, a disorder, it’s a tick. Due to the fact that I am concerned for my appearance a lot. (Mind I am 17 years old and *one of those guys*) But still, I am frightened if I will be subject to a remark concerning any sort of disorder or mental illness due probably encouraged by my lifestyle choice as a poor kid planning to make his escape in to a man of great stature far from the place I am currently in, *Teenage ambitions* I most definitely am doomed from my start but I will defiantly attempt to brave through that unfortunate thought. I continue to the question. Could I have had brain damage from a serious fist fight? There were others too, playing in a ditch unsupervised. Oh. there was also this notable time as children (young, around 7 years) me and my siblings (large family from the start) were playing *war and throwing rocks at each other from great distances, at one time I remember me and my brother (I don’t think my brother has any evil motivation to harm, actually perhaps he might or we both have might of, we threw baby cats at walls for fun at once. Our mother had to tell us it was wrong, but we continued we thought later as we got bored and were to cring *We were tossing them slowly on pillows and then threw them like baseballs eventually, now that I remember It was ridiculous and terrifying that we did that.) But anyway! He slammed a rock in to my head, I still got the scar. I was bleeding, I have the very vivid image of a blood soaked hand as I held my hand to the wound and then looked at my hand. Everyone instantly ran home. I remember my brother crying after and saying he is sorry and loved me. 🙂 I haven’t though about these memories in a very long time but it is somewhat revealing and nostalgic.
What do you who click think of my story and the question? I thank you for answers.
I post in Mens health becuase other forums are filled with offtopicish questions, example: mental health is filled with teens concerned with mental illness. I tried Injury but no replys

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Answer by Dashiell
I am currently a masters student studying human cognitive neuropsychology…that’s a fancy way of saying I study brain science, and specifically, brain damage and dysfunction. It is absolutely possible that, after such severe trauma (especially repeated trauma), you may have permanent brain damage. The brain is an incredibly fragile organ, and even a small bump on the head can have serious consequences. You are clearly high-functioning, as you were able to write the above post. I have no doubt you are, by most definitions, “normal”. However, if this is a concerning matter for you, I would recommend you book an appointment with a clinical neuropsychologist. This person will conduct a series of tests that examine basic cognitive functions like speaking, reading, memory, planning, control of movements, and perception. They will be able to tell you if there are any problem areas or things to be concerned about.

Good luck, and best wishes to you 🙂

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