Brain Cancer Questions..?

Question by ellie: brain cancer questions..?
if anyone could answer these questions that be really great:
1) how does brain cancer attack the body?
2) What type of cell it attacks?
3) How it affects on the cells?
4) Can it spread?
5)why or why now does it spread?
6) How does it spread?

Best answer:

Answer by redunicorn
There are two types of brain tumors: primary brain tumors that originate in the brain and metastatic (secondary) brain tumors that originate from cancer cells that have migrated from other parts of the body.

Primary brain cancer rarely spreads beyond the central nervous system, and death results from uncontrolled tumor growth within the limited space of the skull. Metastatic brain cancer indicates advanced disease and has a poor prognosis.

Primary brain tumors can be cancerous or noncancerous. Both types take up space in the brain and may cause serious symptoms (e.g., vision or hearing loss) and complications (e.g., stroke).

All cancerous brain tumors are life threatening (malignant) because they have an aggressive and invasive nature. A noncancerous primary brain tumor is life threatening when it compromises vital structures (e.g., an artery).

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