Bipolar Disorder… Manic Episode! Help ! :(?

Question by lorenc: Bipolar Disorder… Manic Episode! Help ! :(?
Hello, i have a brother, 21 years old… Last year he passed through Major depression and he kinda recovered . He was suggested by the doctor himself to quit the medication. But now, exactly 1 year after , he recently hospitalized in for mental disorders and was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder! I’ve talked to the doctor and looked in the internet concerning this disorder and yes he got like 7/7 symptoms of Manic Episode! But what is wierd is that he is very agressive , especially with his family members. He does not want to eat or drink from his family members. (We’ve had a difficult economic life and he keeps mentioning our ‘weak points’ as a family and keeps swearing on us) .. He rather eats from and unknown or someone less familiar… As much i’ve searched the bipolar does not seem to apearr into such agresive . He even hit one dad , me and mum… Anyone has passed throug this or wittnsed someone passing throug this? …

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Answer by introverted
Yes you have described mania,

“Presentation of mood elevation can vary in severity from mildly to moderately irritable hypomania in outpatients, and thus risk being undetected, to severe psychotic, manic or mixed episodes in inpatients, and thus risk being diagnosed as a psychotic disorder.”

“• Increased risk-taking behaviour, exaggerated spirit of enterprise, increased need to make contacts, impromptu behaviour, impulsiveness, aggressiveness”

“One of the symptoms of psychosis in bipolar disorder is paranoia, a belief that the world is full of people who are “out to get you.” Though many of us tend to use the term loosely in everyday conversation, paranoia is a serious condition for people with bipolar disorder. ”

“…….was belligerent, talked rapidly but coherently, and demanded to return to the laboratory so that he could save his experiment and thus the world. He wanted a lawyer and denied being suicidal but threatened those who, he claimed, were standing in his way. He accused the faculty of being against him, threatened legal action against those incarcerating him, denied hallucinations but clearly saw himself in highly grandiose terms….”

Answer by Sara
I’m 22. I was diagnosed two months after my 19th birthday, so I know exactly what you’re going through. Your brother is definitely in a manic episode. Excessive irritability and aggression are major warning signs of Mania. His refusal to accept food and drink from family members is worrisome. It sounds he might be paranoid and/or delusional — signs of Bipolar psychosis.

Mania is, by definition, an abnormally elevated or irritable mood accompanied by an increase in energy level. A lot of people with Bipolar Disorder, myself included, experience immense, nearly unbearable, irritability and agitation while in the midst of a manic or hypo-manic episode. I have more irritable than euphoric manias.

Sufferers may also experience mixed episodes in which they exhibit symptoms of both mania and depression. One sign of a mixed episode is extreme irritability and aggression. When I feel like this, the agitation is so immense that I am incapable of containing it. I become consumed with arrogance and respond to others with biting sarcasm. I suddenly become argumentative, demanding and impatient. I might feel the urge to punch something or someone, though I have never actually done so. My family and friends have difficulty recognizing the beginnings of my euphoric manias, but irritable mania and mixed episodes are easily noticed. If I’m overly critical and spewing out scathing comments, then they should worry.

Also, I have no idea what Jasper is talking about, but it isn’t wise to let a person who is manic leave. He could get into a lot of trouble if nobody is keeping an eye on him. Be patient, and try not to openly criticize him. Try not to let anything he says hurt your feelings. He’s probably miserable. I also suggest that you do everything you possibly can to ensure that he takes his medication. Bipolar suffers are notorious for medication noncompliance.

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