Binge Eating Help: 5 Day Live Example – Day 1


Binge Eating Help: 5 Day Live Example – Day 1 – Check out my Day 2 here: In search of binge eating help? I was too at one time an…


Comfort Eating Could Make You Feel Worse In The Long Run, Research Finds
They found that participants' moods were significantly worse after they had engaged in binge eating or "lost control" over their eating. "There was little in the way of mood changes … "The results from this study can help us to better understand the … Read more on Huffington Post

Why Americans Have the Most Expensive Urine in the World
They violate the medical profession's oath to help and not harm at the deepest level. Do you fall asleep at night and wake up in the morning? Do you wake up…hungry for food? … Temper tantrums in children can morph into "Disruptive Mood Disregulation … Read more on Food Consumer

Are universities doing enough to support students with mental health problems?
Yet long waiting lists for university counselling services dissuade many in need of help from seeking it in the first place. Suffering from depression and binge eating disorder, Mollie Jones, 19, decided to take a year out from studying at Cambridge … Read more on The Independent