Binge Eating Disorder Video (My Secret Food Addiction) | Eating Disorders & Food Addiction


Binge Eating Disorder Video (my secret food addiction) | Eating Disorders & Food Addiction – My personal Binge Eating Disorder video telling my story of my struggles with Binge Eating Disorder, the foods I binged on, and how I finally overcame my food addiction.


Bear cub enjoys eating binge after breaking into Arizona home

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TUSCON, Arizona – An Arizona couple got quite a surprise when they discovered a bear cub eating its way through their house. Phil Volk heard rustling in the kitchen of his Sonoita home early Thursday morning and thought it was his grandchildren. He was …
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People's Pharmacy: Some drugs promote compulsive behavior

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A. Most people can't imagine that a drug could cause someone to go on a shopping binge or engage in behavior such as compulsive eating or sex. Nevertheless, this has been documented as a side effect of medicines such as Mirapex and Requip.
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Orexin and Binge Eating Rats

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First, of course, you have to make the binge eating rats. For this they used female rats (which pleased me very much, as I think people don't study females enough, and when dealing with issues of food intake, it is particularly important), and exposed …
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