Binge Eating and Depression


Binge Eating and Depression – Depression can not only produce binge eating disorder symptoms, it can also result from an existing eating disorder. Dr. Croft, Medical Director of HealthyPl…


Iraqi Children: Deprived Rights, Stolen Future
As a consequence, they suffer from a wide range of behavioral disturbances and trauma-related stress reactions such as sleep disorders, agitated and hyperactive behavior, social withdrawal, depression, anxiety, as well as developmental and eating … Read more on Center for Research on Globalization

Judge in Chad Chritton's child abuse trial questions one of the charges
Herringa said he has not seen any evidence of reactive attachment disorder (RAD), which was diagnosed in 2006 but never treated, nor has he seen evidence that the girl had an eating disorder that caused the 15-year-old to weigh 68 pounds. Herringa … Read more on Wisconsin State Journal