'Biggest Loser' Weight Loss Debate

'Biggest Loser' weight loss debate
“I am very healthy,” she told People Magazine after being asked whether she had an eating disorder. … As a former Marine and exercise enthusiast, my first reaction to hearing of new plans to place a new FIT Center under construction was "hmm…cool. Read more on Tennessee Tech Oracle

Bratcher column: Show those around you Olympic-size love
She was an Olympic figure skater in the 1984 games, but due to her battle with an eating disorder, she never made it to the ice. She took 30 … With her daughter's encouragement, she began to research coaches and facilities to begin training. Those … Read more on Jackson Sun

Ballet's Gillian Lynne and Beryl Grey: dancers should be pushed to the limit
There is widespread concern within the industry about gruelling schedules, eating disorders and pressure on dancers to stay unnaturally thin. But Lynne, 87, a leading … I'm only saying that it was possible to do without [facilities]." Lynne, a … Read more on The Guardian