Bailey’s Story- Eating Disorder Survivor


Bailey’s Story- Eating Disorder Survivor – Bailey is a 16-year-old survivor of aneating disorder. Get REAL -Realistic Expectations and Attitudes for Life, is an innovative video outreach and prevention program that will be distributed to over 7000 schools, hospitals and legislative offices in the state of Florida. The program is focused on enhancing self-esteem, promoting positive body image, and preventing eating disorders. By getting back to the basics of taking care of oneself, interpreting media messages appropriately and embracing overall wellness, HOPE is striving to provide all age groups, from children through adults, with the tools necessary to ensure a healthy lifestyle. The goal is to eliminate dangerously unattainable and unrealistic standards and encourage everyone to “get real.”


Safe driving, heart disease awareness and more

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St. Vincent's Elizabeth M. Pfriem Regional Center for Cardiac and Cardiovascular Disease is sponsoring a month-long series of activities to celebrate National Heart Month and to raise awareness of heart disease and ways to prevent it. Kathleen …. A …
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Doc Talk: Heart disease differs between genders; prevention the same

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Heart disease includes stroke, high blood pressure, angina (chest pain), rheumatic heart disease and disorders of the heart blood vessels that may lead to heart attack. In the past, there was a … Eat less saturated fat, more produce and more fiber …


After being kidnapped, the recovery ahead

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The boy is currently "doing fine," FBI Special Agent in Charge Steve Richardson said Monday; he is "laughing, joking, playing, eating." What lies ahead in terms of how this will affect him mentally is unclear, but a support structure is … The Child …
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