Baby Food: Pediatric Feeding Clinic Aims to Help Children Eat

Baby Food: Pediatric Feeding Clinic aims to help children eat
The University's Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders has opened the LSU Pediatric Feeding Clinic this semester, which helps children and their parents develop a healthy family eating plan. Speech-Language Pathologist Courtney … Read more on LSU The Reveille

Marchers protest against genetically modified food
Bolog said companies such as Monsanto have developed materials to keep food fresh longer and to keep insects from eating crops, but with a price. “The same thing that keeps the insects from being able to digest crops is the same thing that keeps humans … Read more on Kenosha News

Is it hunger, appetite or a craving?
Over the last five years, researchers have proven that overexposure to processed foods can cause hormonal changes and eating disorders. Fructose corn syrup, a chief ingredient in the food industry, is one of the biggest culprits. Processed foods are … Read more on

Warning signs of possible behavioral problems in young children and teens
Warning signs of possible problems in a young child: To detect attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity or another behavioral issue in a young child, experts say to note disturbances in physical symptoms, which can surface as age 3. Take note of … Read more on