AubieEDA Encourages Healthy Living on Campus

AubieEDA encourages healthy living on campus
Auburn Body Image Education Eating Disorder Awareness, AubieEDA, has made it their mission to promote healthy lifestyles on college campuses. According to Samantha Nathan, senior in nutrition dietetics, AubieEDA's overall goal is attainable. “We're … Read more on The Auburn Plainsman

Male eating disorders becoming more common
It's estimated that some 8-million people suffer from an eating disorder in the U.S. and about 10-percent of them are men, but that number may actually be higher because many men are too ashamed to come to seek treatment. Those who suffer from the … Read more on WXIX

Eating Disorders In Orthodox Judaism I’ve learned to my chagrin that eating disorders are increasingly present in the Orthodox community, though at a much lower…