At What Temp Will an Alcohol Thermometer W/a F Scale Read the Same # as a Thermomemter W/a Celsius Scale?

Question by John: At what temp will an alcohol thermometer w/a F scale read the same # as a thermomemter w/a celsius scale?
“Alcohol thermometers can measure temperatures in the range of -100*F – 200*F. Determine the temperature at which an alcohol thermometer with a Fahrenheit scale will read the same number as a thermometer with a Celsius scale.”

I have no idea, anybody have an answer?

Best answer:

Answer by JR

The conversion is
C=(5/9)(F-32) and F=9/5(C+32)
Just choose one of these two equations and replace the coefficients “C” and “F” with a single coefficient “x” denoting it as the quantity in which the two temperature scales will the same value.
You do the rest, and you’ll end up with -40.

Answer by fcas80


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