Art Show at a Mental Hospital


Art Show at a Mental Hospital – Short edit of a documentary I’m puting together about “Serendipity”, the annual art show for Mississippi State Hospital, MSH Community Services Homeless Program, and drug and alcohol rehab centers. The show is always the first Thursday in September.


Five people describe living on the margins of modern Britain

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She says all the women she met involved in prostitution were stuck in the same kind of addictive cycle, whether it be drugs, alcohol or money they needed to make them feel better for the life they lived. "Maybe 1% of women feel OK about doing it but 99 …
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Henry Hopper: Dennis Hopper's son sued for raping girl repeatedly

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'Over about the next 10 months, there were more incidents in which Hopper again had Jane Doe brought to his house, furnished her with drugs and alcohol, and then raped her,' the lawyer said in a press release. … She claims as a result the teenager …
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