Are These Symptoms of an Eating Disorder?

Question by Andrea: Are these symptoms of an eating disorder?
I always feel fat, I make myself throw up, I look at the labels of food, I try to exercise at least once a day, If I eat too much, or feel like I do, I’ll cry, and whenever I eat, I always second guess myself. I’m 5’2 and I weigh 128 pounds, and I’m also 14, does this sound like an eating disorder…?

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Answer by amy!
it sounds like the begining of an eating disorder!!
please get help now before you really get into the cycle cause its really hard to get out of! plus making yourself sick is really addicting!
i hope you manage to get help!! 🙂

Answer by Anabelle Graves
You seem to be in the beginning stages of an eating disorder. The purging is much more worrying and may be a more developed part of the eating disorder. It is healthy to a certain extent to look at food labels and you do need daily exercise. But it shouldn’t be obsessive. Your weight isn’t in the range for an eating disorder, which is something that I personally don’t think should be part of the diagnosis process. What you can and should do is talk to your family, friends and a doctor about these feelings/thoughts and behaviours.

Don’t wait and let these behaviors and thoughts get worse. When my eating disorder began to develop I tried to stop it on my own and obviously failed. Now, 4 years later I am struggling in all aspects of my life. I’m severely depressed, have no friends and barely speak to my family. My life revolves around food and I sometimes don’t even get out of the house, let alone my room because I either feel to upset about myself to get out of bed, or I literally can’t physically. My hair is falling out, and I’m not doing nearly as well in school as I could be. My kidneys are shutting down and I’m almost positive there is something wrong with my heart. There are so many other things that come with an eating disorder. I know it doesn’t seem like it, but you are in a much better position to get help now than you will be later on. Stop the behavior now, don’t wait.

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