Are These Good Enough Reasons to Emancipate (Divorce) My Parents?

Question by : Are these good enough reasons to emancipate (divorce) my parents?
Well my parents are divorced so I’ll point out the problems at each house.
Mother: constantly moving and is very moody. engaged to a guy who says strange, sexual things to me, and we are all sure he is on steroids. my mother is very poor without the guy she is engaged too, who she is only engaged too because he has money…he cleans meth labs and murders for a living. he is very sketchy…he always has 100 dollar bills and pays everything in cash. he tried to beat the hell out of my boyfriend. i have absolutely no stabiity here, and i never have nor will. they both lie to me constantly to get things out of me. my mother has fits of uncontrollable rage, and so does her boyfriend. she stands by my door and listens to everything i say, and she kicked me out of the house twice. once because one of her boyfriend didnt like me and i told her to pick me or him and she picked him, and the other time i had weed in my room (which i dont do anymore). she always puts me down and implies that im ugly and fat. (im not fat. im 120 pounds abd im 5’6) she constantly hates on my father in front of me. i told her i had an eating disorder and she was just like whatever i dont care. she and her boyfriend constantly threaten to send me to a “facility”

Father: gives me NO privacy. he reads my journals and stands by my door listening to everything i say. we’ve gotten in physical fights before (im a 15 year old GIRL and these happened when i was 13 and 14) he wont let me do anything unless i trust him yet he LIES to me and tells me my mom said things when she really didnt. he doesnt listen to me. out of his daughters, im his least favorite and he treats me like complete shit by always arguing with me and stuff. he has a lot of problems (psychological) because he was abused emotionally and physically by the parents who adopted him as a child. he is very selfish and will not do anything for me unless it has something in it for him.

i havent lived with my dad until this past week so idk what else is going to happen but if i keep living like this im going to kill myself. i cant even trust my own parents.
when im 16 i’ll have a job and i’ll be able to have a guardian, i just cannot live with my parents because they are both unsuitable. i know this sounds so stupid but idk what else to do.

i dont want to kill myself but theyre driving me to it. i want stability and i want privacy and i want to be happy and i cant have that with them.

Best answer:

Answer by coldfuse
Once you are mature enough to stop blaming your parents, you will be mature enough to live on your own.

Answer by Dictator Love
Take to a county judge and ask for emancipation.. so if you get it, then want are your chances of living without income…think about calling a relative for a place to live, be a good girl, finish school get a job and the rest will take care of itself.

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