Are There Drug Rehabilitation Programs Out There for Someone Who Is Financially-Challenged?

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Question by cheyanne lw: Are there drug rehabilitation programs out there for someone who is financially-challenged?
I have a friend who’s a heroin addict and wants to get better, but she can’t do it on her own. She wants to get into a drug rehabilitation program, but she can’t afford it. Are there any drug rehabilitation programs out there that offer discounts or offer services for free?

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Answer by damaris a
You could probably help her find drug rehabs that offer grant money to people who couldn’t afford their services. I think there are also some rehabilitation centers that ask you to work for them instead of having to pay. You might want to inquire over the health department hotline too, or ask your doctor for recommendations.

Best of luck to you and your friend!

Answer by GirlinSac
Depending on where you live, she should start with the department of health and human services. They maintain contact information for resources such as drug rehab.

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