Are There Any Self-Harm Rehab Centers in Michigan?

Question by Citlallitonatzin: Are there any self-harm rehab centers in Michigan?
I’ve been struggling with various forms of self-harm since age 10, i’m currently 14. I’m ready to get help and move on but i’m having trouble finding the right resources.

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Answer by Katherine
Good for you! Seriously, I mean it. I’m 18 and I have been self harming for about 2 years now. I know I should stop but I’m too scared to ask for help.

Answer by Irish Girl
Not sure where you live. But, I lived in the Kalamazoo area years ago. When I first started cutting it was bad and I was hospitalized and then I cut again and went just to outpatient therapy. I will give you links at the bottom so you can find one to suit your needs and location.

I hope one of these links help you!

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