Are There Any Programs in the State Georgia That Financially Aid You With Health Care?

Question by Joey: Are there any programs in the state Georgia that financially aid you with health care?
I’m sure I have Clinical Depression. I’ve taken countless “Depression Tests,” I’ve suffered from all of the symptoms and I’ve tried to commit suicide on several occasions. My girlfriend has tried to find me help, but was unsuccessful. The state of Alabama has a program for the uninsured that allows them to purchase their prescriptions for only about $ 10 and doctor visits are 10 percent off. Are there any similar programs for the state of Georgia? Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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Answer by Lila
I’m sure that there are. Please go to the site that is the site for the National Alliance on Mental Illness. On their site you can find the phone number for you local chapter. They are there for support and if there are any resources that you need they will know about them. Good Luck!

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