Are There Any Good Online “Dear Abby” Type Support Groups That Are Free?

Question by peaceseeker: Are there any good online “dear abby” type support groups that are free?
I’m looking to maybe join a few online support groups dealing with depression and anxiety. Thanks for any help you can give.

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Answer by Psychic Cat
I hope someone can help you find one. I thought this question very interesting, because some of my friends have suggested I should create that kind of Website. I sometimes feel “almost” overwhelmed with e-mails flying back & forth; people who tell me I’ve, by my questions, “guided” them to their inner selves. Many have become good friends. “It’s a way to make more money!” someone said, & I said that except in my practice, (clients), I could never “morally” ask to be paid for something I want to give. I’d love to do this some day when I have time. I’m also a paralegal, & writer & for now have spread myself very thin. If the “time” (!) comes, I’ll let you know. (I just received a very nice email from you on my answer to one of your questions.) I hope someone can give you a “link” & that you’ll find it credible.

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