Are There Any Free or Low Income Drug Treatment Centers in Houston?

Question by Amber: Are there any free or low income drug treatment centers in Houston?
My husband needs help with substance abuse but we dont make very much money. We were wondering if there are any free or low income rehabs in Houston, Tx or if there are any programs and groups that help with assistance in these circumstances? Thank you!

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Answer by Cmom87
I searched and this is what came up.

Ruling: Kansas can strip Planned Parenthood funds
The Title X money targets low-income individuals seeking reproductive services such as birth control, pregnancy testing, cancer screenings and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. It cannot be used for abortions. U.S. District Court J. Thomas …

Potentially explosive new trend in marijuana use reported in Houston area
Rehab centers are reporting its use is rapidly on the rise. "We first began to see patients … with a history of hash oil use in July 2013. Since that time, approximately 20 percent of the adolescents who have reported a history of marijuana use have …

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