Are There Any Free Drug Rehabilitation Programs Out There?

Question by Sugarbaby: Are there any free drug rehabilitation programs out there?
A close friend of mine is addicted to Heroine, and Cocaine, and wants to get clean. she’s tried on her own, but continues to fall into that lifestyle. She wants to get professional help, but can’t afford it. We live in Los angeles. She’s trying to get MediCal, but even then it will be hard foe her to find a program she can afford. Anyone know of any free or discount re-hab programs or psycologists or something who coudl help her in California?

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Answer by Annie D
There are some rehab places that have grant money to help people who can’t afford it. She might try contacting Narcotics Anonymous. People there might have info to share. She also could call the health department. They would be able to refer her to agencies which would have a list of places. The online site for NA is at

Good luck to your friend. You’re a good person to be trying to help her. God bless you both.

Answer by amazingly intelligent
Look up Narcotics Anonymous in your phone book. They have programs.

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