Are There Any Drug Rehabilitation Centers for Cocaine Abuse?

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Question by emily: Are there any drug rehabilitation centers for cocaine abuse?
I’m just wondering if there are drug rehabilitations or programs that specializes in cocaine treatment because my cousin is addicted to cocaine. I’m really getting worried about him.

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Answer by beans4brains™
I’m sure that there are. Most rehabs have a variety of drug-treatment programmes. Check in the state where you live. Google it OR, check your local yellow pages for rehab centres in your area. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a decent one. Most are super expensive though, but i don’t think that you necessarily have to shell out a million dollars to get good treatment. Sorry i don’t know any by name, i’ve never had to deal with that.
Hope your cousin does okay. Find him a place soon, if youre worried.

*here are some links * i looked it up. i don’t know how helpful they’ll be, but it’s a start i guess. Good Luck.

and this was an article on the risks of the addiction:

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