Are Manic Depression and Bipolar Disorder Really the Same Thing?

Question by bat_girl_44: Are manic depression and Bipolar disorder really the same thing?
I was diagnosed with Manic Depression about three years ago. I stopped taking the meds after six months because I didn’t like what they do to me.

I have been having difficulty with my MD a lot lately–it’s been worse. Mood swings for no causes whatsoever. I was googling some alternatives to prescribed medication for Manic Depression and everything that came up was Bipolar disorder.

I knew that the two were similar–but are they really the same thing?

Best answer:

Answer by Kate
Yes, they are two names for the same disorder. Manic Depression is the old name for what is now called Bipolar Disorder. Professionals chose to discard the name “Manic Depression” or “Manic-Depressive Disorder” in favor of Bipolar Disorder because it is more accurate. Not all forms of bipolar cause manic episodes – bipolar II does not have manic features, but instead the patient suffers from “hypomanic” or “sub-manic” episodes. Cyclothymia also has these hypomanic features, as well as less profound depressive episodes. Because of the different varieties of the disorder, the name “Manic Depression” was misleading and inaccurate, so it was changed to Bipolar Disorder.

Hope that helps clear things up!

Answer by FlowersYes
Yes, exactly the same. Bi meaning two. Mood swings between depression and active or hyper.

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