Are Boxing Inspired Moves 4 Upper Body, Pilates 4 Core & Ballet Moves 4 Lower Body a Good Fitness Program?

Question by Liz L: Are boxing inspired moves 4 upper body, pilates 4 core & ballet moves 4 lower body a good fitness program?
I want to get in shape (tone)/lose weight. I can’t lift weights or run because I have a joint disorder. I walk everywhere and am starting to eat better than I have. I put this “program” together myself. I can’t afford a personal trainor or anything like that and I don’t like gyms. I just need an opinion.

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Answer by Tampanian
it seems like u took the best advantages from each of those workouts and made it into ur own super-ideal workout. what u need to watch out for is that maybe boxing for upper body is only effective when u use boxing for the lower body as well .. u know wat I mean? maybe that workout is beneficial for that part of the body only when its done completely… I dunno .. I’ve only tried 2 (boxing and ballet) and I prefer boxing because it does WONDERS for ur body!

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