Are “Binge Eating” and These *Other* Terms the Same Thing?

Question by ChunkyMuffin: Are “binge eating” and these *other* terms the same thing?
I’ve come across the common terms: binge eating, overeating, overindulging, compulsive eating, emotional eating, etc.

I’m just wondering if any of these terms are synonymous with one another?
What are their similarities, what are their differences?

How do you tell if you have a true “eating disorder” or if you’re just “human” & might not have as strong of willpower as you probably should have?

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Answer by Joe
Not really I would say that…

Binge eating: Is taking a very high number of calories of ”junk food” in a short period of time… A true binge is generally over 2,000 cals of let’s say cake, chocolate, ice cream… Also a binge is rarely on a single food item but many. Eating a pint of ice cream is not a true binge, eating 2 pints with a jar of peanut butter and 5 chocolate bars is.

Overeating: It’s like a binge… but a bit less I would say in the 1,000 calories area… Overeating could be taking 3 piece of cakes when you should take one…

Overindulging: Pretty much same thing than overeating, generally on a single food item that you are craving on.

Compulsive eating: That is eating too much on a sustained amount of time… While other 3 were at a certain point in time, eating compulsively means you overeat all the time… Pretty much anybody over 300lbs is a compulsive eater and it is an eating disorder it can be due to several thing: boredrom eating, emotional eating, persistent hunger…

Emotional eating: I would say it’s a type of compulsive eating… Eating as a reaction to stress…

Answer by The Shadow™ ®
No , they are close but not the same

binge eaters sit down and eat too much in one sitting but they don’t do it all the time , it’s like a binge drinker drinks until he passes out but doesn’t drink daily or always drink too much

overeating can be a daily thing or just once in a while , as in I really overate at sunday dinner and now my stomach hurts , or he overeats all the time
a compulsive eater eats at times he or she is stressed or eats as long as the food is there , they may eat too much when they are worried or sit and eat a whole bag of snacks in one sitting but if you remove the snacks from the table they probably stop eating
emotional eating is the same as compulsive eating but specifically refers to eating when feeling emotional , that could mean you eat to feel good when you are unhappy or stressed .
overindulging can refer to anything , you can overindulge in food , drink , shopping , watching TV or anything you find comforting or fun and again it may be once in a while like over eating

I guess only you and the people close to you could know if you had a disorder or not , like a and his family and friends may know if he is a social drinker , binge drinks now and then or is an alcoholic

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