Anyone Know of Good & Effective Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers?

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by Esthr

Question by Anthony B: Anyone know of good & effective dual diagnosis rehab centers?
I’ve decided to get myself some help and need advice on treatment centers. I need a place that specializes in mental-illness(more specifically, bipolar) along with drug and alcohol addiction. I haven’t the slightest clue how to locate a quality program and need some help. If anyone knows of any or has gone through a similar situation, please share.

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Answer by Knowledge
You are very wise to look for a drug and alcohol rehab center that addresses all mental health issues as well. I know for certain that Journey Healing Centers has a well recognized dual diagnosis program that is offered as part of their addiction rehabilitation. They also have a confidential helpline to answer any questions you may have. Here is their website:

I hope this helps. Congratulations on taking your first step and Best of luck!

Answer by Barry
I have posted a link to a good alternative drug rehab center. Good luck 🙂

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