Anybody Know of Alternative Catfood Recipes to Hills CD?

Question by Melissa: Anybody know of alternative catfood recipes to Hills CD?
I have to feed my cat Hills CD because he has had a blocked urinary tract. We never want to go through that again. I am on SSI and it is costing me more to feed him than me, and now with this pet food scare you never know what brand is going to be next. I feed him this food to prevent him from having kidney problems. Does anyone know of any alternatives? Things I can make him at home that are low cost and meet his dietary needs?

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Answer by susuze2000
hills cd formula dry food was not contaminated..i checked because all 6 of my cats are on it…i have used other brands when my dr is out of the science diet but they are not as good, the cats have to eat more of it since it is not as nutritional and it upsets their stomachs more…i wished i could tell you differently but if your cat needs the c/d i would keep him on it….my cat Buddy cannot ever eat any regular cat food again as it will immediately start building crystals in his urethra…feed your cat twice a day at the same time every day and dont over feed him….good luck!

Answer by old cat lady
My cat who had a urinary blockage was put on a raw meat home-prepared diet made with a supplement powder and he never had another incidence of problems. The raw meat diets are the natural diet of a cat and keep the urine at the proper pH (slightly acidic).

ANY dry food is bad for a cat whose urine goes to the alkaline state. Methionine is added to acidify the urine and even that is something you can purchase and add to a wet food if you are willing to have the urine tested by the vet for its pH.

Go to and read Dr. Jean Hovfe’s articles “Urinary Tract Disorders in Cats”, “Why Cats Need Canned Food”, “What Cats Should Eat” etc. Those are all at the end of about fifty articles, including many on cat nutrition.

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