Any Residental Rehab Centers in Tx for Eating Disorders, Cutting, Etc. How to Tell My Parents?

Question by gaylan: Any residental rehab centers in tx for eating disorders, cutting, etc. how to tell my parents?
Okay so this is sorta personal and I know it’s bad and everything so don’t tell me to stop im trying to get help. Okay so I cut, have anorexia, AND bulimia, depression, and bipolar disorder and my teacher noticed my cuts one day and is making me tell my parents and I won’t to I just don’t know how. And also I know I need help and were i live there are no therapists, the closest one is 2 hours away so if please tell me any ways I can tell my parents I have bulimia and anorexia and I cut and have depression and bipolar disorder and that I need to go to rehab. (Yes my problem is that bad that I need go to go rehab) okay thanks! Also make sure the rehab center excepts 14 year olds

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Answer by Laureena
It depends where you live. Search “rehab centers” + your city and you should find some results.
Just be honest with your parents. Tell them everything in a letter so you don’t break down.

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