Any Other Way to Get Methadone Legally Besides a Clinic ?!?!?

Question by danielesuzy: Any other way to get methadone legally besides a clinic ?!?!?
Hi. My boyfriend is a heroin addict. He snorts quite a lot of it everyday. He would really like to go on methadone,he thinks its the only thing that will work. Dont tell me how addictive it is please and dont judge. I have called around and was told he has to fail at other programs before he could be accepted into that one. I guess I understand where they are coming from to an extent but at the same time I feel its unfair. He should be able to give it a try. He has tried suboxone and has went to meetings . He has tried cold turkey. He has tried therapy. Nothing has worked so why do they need legal proof he will fail a detox?! Help please. Id like to get him help legally and inexpensively.

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Answer by shutuppauface
He needs to *try* “other programs” before he can fail at them, not sit on his butt snorting horse while his gf pimps herself online for controlled substances. Cold turkey is not an approved program, it was just a short break before he started using again, and what type of “therapy” was this? The therapist should be able to provide documentation.
And no, outside of a medical prescription, there is no way to get methadone.
He’s a loser, won’t go into rehab, but wants an addictive, powerful drug handed to him for free. Or can he afford methadone out of pocket?
Yeah, I thought not.
Dump him, sweetheart, it ain’t gonna end well for either of you.


Private Rehab Centers – Rehab.


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