Any Hotline for Depression?

Question by Zoë: Any hotline for depression?
I’m depressed and I need someone to talk to that will understand me with out judging me and help me with my problems. I don’t need a hotline that will call 911 cause none of that is needed.. I’m just really depressed and need to vent because I’m so broken..

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Answer by Victoria

Answer by SinisterGrin
It’s not a hot line but if you need someone to talk to feel free to send me a message. I won’t judge you.

Upcoming Events April 9
Please call the hotline for immediate assistance at (888) 819-1796. You may … Meeting – Christian Men's Depression Anonymous will allow members to share their struggles, experience, strength and hope, and work the 12 Steps to help overcome the illness.
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When worry consumes our whole being
Around three per cent of us will develop OCD, making it the fourth most common mental disorder after depression, substance abuse and anxiety. … He started making so many calls to an HIV hotline that the advisers recognised his voice and told him to stop.
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