Any Good Depression Hotline Numbers?

Question by Jasmin T: Any good depression hotline numbers?
i just feel horrible. i don’t feel suicidal, but it still hurts. when i talk about my worries and my feeling with my best friend, she just shrugs it off and starts talking about her life. i try to talk about it with my mom, but she gets angry and says i should stop feeling sorry for myself, and that i have no future. i can’t tell my dad because hes working all the time, and when i tried to tell him he shrugged it off. i have no one, and it hurts. my grades are getting worse. i cant deal with my depression alone anymore. in school we watched a depression video and it showed a guy dialing a depression hotline number and he started talking about his problems. so does anyone know any good numbers? just make sure its not a suicide hotline

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Answer by Jack Lopresti



1-800-273-8255: even if its the suicide hotline, they still listen if your depressed.

trust me I used these numbers for help

Answer by Blair14
Tell the school counsellor or a teacher

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