Any Free or Low Cost Drug Rehabs in NJ or Close States?

Question by Vicki: Any free or low cost drug rehabs in NJ or close states?

It is for a family member and I just spent 3 hours looking on the computer. What is wrong with you people? Get a life instead of spending your time being mean. Do something productive.

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Answer by Chris
i’m in california, but i found this site that locates centers. it found 500 within 100 miles of Trenton (only NJ city i could think of). looks like there are several that are sliding scale. personally, i’d recommend one that’s 12-step based and doesn’t give people medication unless medically necessary. some places load up new patients with sedatives and stuff, and it’s counterproductive. but if the person is having serious withdrawals, then they might need meds. other good things to look for are aftercare meetings and family groups to get the family involved so they can best support the addicts sobriety when they go home.

in the meantime, AA, NA, and lots of other groups are free, work, and there are tons of them. you can look them up in your phone book and they can tell you where meetings are, and can possibly tell you about some local treatment centers. in most average-sized cities, there are AA and NA meetings pretty much every day/night.

finally, if this is a person that’s close to you, it would probably be helpful for both of you if you look into al-anon for yourself as well. good luck!

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