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'Misery' doesn't want WSJ's company (Press-Register Sound Off)
Happy as clams: Mobile has been listed as number three of the most miserable cities, with depression, unhappiness or whatever. I think the source … Don't insult my intelligence by saying you're doing this to make the clinics safer for women. You're … Read more on

Colorado teen birth rate, repeat birth rates decline
DENVER – More than half of teen moms in Colorado use the most effective methods of birth control to keep from getting pregnant again – far more than women in any of the other 16 states recently surveyed by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and … Read more on

Circadian Rhythms May Help Distinguish Acute vs Chronic Depression
A study conducted by investigators at the Chronobiology Laboratory, Hospital Clinics, Porto Alegre, Brazil, suggests that alterations in light exposure, as well as activity and temperature rhythms, could be "important factors" in clinical depression … Read more on Medscape

More cases found of Nevada busing mental patients out of state
The federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services is working with Nevada authorities to investigate the state's treatment of mental health patients. Although the agency has the authority to pull funding for lack of compliance with federal rules, it … Read more on The San Luis Obispo Tribune