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Anxiety & Depression Treatment Program – Sensible help to end anxiety disorders The majority of people experiencing anxious feelings and panic attacks are intelligent and articulate individuals who, usually, have logical thinking minds, if that is you, then this product is probably for you. It is a sensible, logical and process driven journey that unravels anxiety, quietens your ruminating mind and lessen your overwhelming emotions. This product is based on years of therapeutic experience from working with normal people who have experienced the whole range of panic, and anxiety symptoms, it answers the fundamental questions, why do I have this? Why do I feel this way? What do I need to do to make it go away? And, how can I be sure it won’t come back? This product is aimed at pulling anxiety out by it’s roots, not just learning to cope with it!


Greek Psychiatrist Offers Depression Treatment

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Greek psychiatrist, Dr. Jeff Daskalakis, is one of the research leaders working on a new treatment for depression. Daskalakis is a psychiatrist at the Center of Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto. He is heading research regarding a modern and safer …
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A new Canadian brain therapy targets depression

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Until a few months ago, Jane Webber worried that she would have to endure electroconvulsive therapy for the rest of her life. The 59-year-old Colborne, Ont., resident had been suffering from bouts of severe depression for nearly 20 years, and when no …
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