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Researchers find heart-surgery patients with elevated levels of anxiety

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From there, the researchers will design an intervention program to help those patients with higher levels of anxiety and depression learn how to care for themselves during their home recovery. In the meantime, Dr. Fredericks recommends ongoing …
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5 Ways To Deal With Seasonal Affective Disorder That Aren't A Tanning Bed

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So how can we combat these feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, and general blah-ness? Read on to find out how you … Getting outside, which exposes your brain to daylight, can help elevate your mood and regulate your serotonin levels. Plus …
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Natural Solutions to Fight Depression and Anxiety During the Holiday Season

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We all have something difficult to deal with in life. No one is exempt from illness, tragedy or death, no matter how many billions they have in the bank. Although there are many natural ways to help lift these feelings of anxiety and depression …
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Faith in the Coalition now fading as anxiety and fear become the norm

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Increasing frustration at the glacial progress on debt restructuring doesn't help. The negotiations regarding the repayment of Anglo's promissory notes in March are becoming more and more critical to the credibility of this Government. Added to this is …
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